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    My reason for the message is I am interested in playing a season of Rugby League in the France next year. Im currently looking around the globe and feel that France would be an awesome spot for a season.
    I came across the Pia through various mates playing around France at the moment.

    How do i go about sorting out a season with Pia?

    P.s little about myself, 23, Australian. Played Rugby League for 18 years, various representative teams, clubs and 1 amateur season in England. Love travelling and Rugby League so i’ll try to combine the two. I will be a qualified Plumber in the next few months which is why I am unavailable at present( Finishing study, on the job etc.. ) Once committed to a club,i will do everything possible to help out within the club. I also have Level 1 coaching cert. in Rugby League and have coached various teams and junior rep. teams


    Brent Hurley


    mobile: +6143515801

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